Saturday, April 21, 2018

On the anniversary of Columbine

I have one question: Would gun control activists explain to me why guns are the problem when access to guns has always been there, but schools shootings haven't?

Simple stuff.  I get that the sudden preference for these nuclear machine guns that the press talks about is something worth looking at.  I'm willing to look at anything other than using gun violence to destroy my political opponents and abolishing the 2nd Amendment. Those are off the table.  Anything else, and I'm all ears. 

But I would like that first question to be answered.  Knowing that most school shootings involve guns that likely wouldn't be impacted by the legislation being focused on today, and most wouldn't have been stopped by the laws we always talk about (most, in fact, merely broke the existing laws as they are), it's worth getting to the core of the problem.  And the core suggests the problem is something other than guns.

If gun control activists insist by word or deed (and by deed, I mean the fact that we never seem to get around to talking about the other non-gun parts of the problems) that the problem is guns, then answer how guns are the problem when access to them has always been there, but school shootings have not.

Especially if our schools are going to keep  letting kids skip in order to advance one particular political narrative about the problem.

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