Saturday, April 14, 2018

Chik Fil A phobia sweeps America

At least New York City.  At least among the ever close minded and zealous Left.  Fr. Longenecker enjoys a good laugh at this screed against those who fail to conform to that New York state of mind.

The problem is, the joke is on us and our posterity as it is this radical leftism that is seizing the heart and soul of our nation.  Really.  With almost pride, more and more on the Left are convincing Americans that we'd be a better nation without all this free speech and liberty rubbish.

Update: Rod Dreher has fun with this laughable thing as well.  He does, however, see the dark side of it, and states it in no uncertain terms:
this Piepenbring piece is not only an example of laughable cosmopolitan hickishness, it is rank anti-Christian bigotry.
FWIW, I had no idea that Mayor de Blasio proposed boycotting Chik Fil A.  I guess that dream liberals have of making it illegal to not be liberal is still on the march.  Liberal tolerance.  That's like saying Kosher Ham.

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