Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Rod Dreher updates us on the Alfie Evans case

Here.  As I said here, this is a case that happened sooner than I thought it would, though I knew it would happen again.  I don't begrudge those making the decisions, but I'm heartened that this time the shuffling of feat and tugging of collars isn't as prevalent as it was with Charlie Gard. 

With young Charlie Gard, only old time pro-lifer types stepped in to say that a parent shouldn't be forced to let a child die.  Most others debated, discussed or wavered in their appraisal of the issue.  Many back at my Patheos stomping grounds were, not surprisingly, behind the State's right to step in and tell the parents they must let the child die. 

The New Prolife Movement was, likewise, unclear, seeming to fear taking too strong a stand for the parents, while understanding that based on everything we think of when we think pro-life, there is a problem with letting the State demand that a person - a child - be let to die. 

But so far, those commenting, including Pope Francis, are in agreement that this trend of the State demanding the death of a child needs to come to an end.


  1. Pope Francis deserves the credit he is due for speaking up, forcefully, & repeatedly to the sanctity of this precious tiny child.

    Bravo Pope Francis!

    1. I was glad to see that. There seems to be less debating of it this time.


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