Friday, April 20, 2018

Starbucks indicts an entire race of people

So says this fellow (the video will not upload on blogger, so follow the link).

Again, I don't know the details.  I feel like someone defending the use of butter churns by saying I think we need to follow due process and make sure people have the chance to defend themselves, and that we should have evidence and proof, before we move to destroy someone's life.  That's just me.  But it seems like, almost overnight, I'm saying some strange and bizarre thing in a language nobody else has studied.

Perhaps the Starbucks employee is a racist, or at least has racist tendencies.  As a Christian, I don't subscribe to the notion that racism is the unforgivable sin.  Likewise, I don't see it as a blanket sin that is the same in every circumstance and defines the totality of an individual's identity.  It's a sin to be sure.  Racism is rank sin to the core, but like all things, there are mitigating factors.  At least from a Christian POV.  Naturally outside of the Christian fold there is no demand to forgive or forget, and vengeance and resentment are fine in some circumstances.

Be that as it may, Starbucks, the press, various groups and protesters all immediately moved from video to execution, bypassing any need to wait for evidence or another side of the story.  It looks like the fellows who were arrested were calm and polite enough.  I have no idea how the manager acted.  I don't know anything really.  I just know the result.  The result was a tidal wave of reaction predicated on the notion that white people are obviously, and black people must obviously be ... well, you know.

HT: John C. Wright.

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