Thursday, April 5, 2018

Good news for Europe

If there is any good news to be had.  Apparently Muslims, who are coming into Europe in higher numbers than ever, are also converting to Christianity in impressive numbers.

Yes, it's true.  Europe owes its existence to the Christian Faith.  Once that is gone, Europe as a civilization will be gone.  Europe of the last century barely held on to its Christian roots.  It has spent the last fifty years actively trying to eliminate them.  The result has been demographic suicide.

We in the States have done the same.  And, ironically, without immigration we'd likely be paying the same demographic price.  Thankfully, many of those immigrating to our nation are Christians themselves.  No, I'm not saying America is or ever was a "Christian" nation.  But Christianity was the cultural canvas upon which our enlightenment government was painted. 

For all its warts and failures - which are the same in all human societies - ours had a unique combination of bravado and humility, willingness to reconcile with strong sense of self.  Taking away our Christian roots has upset that equilibrium.  The same for Europe.  The result has been a societal malaise and lack of care about sustaining the civilization we inherited.

If Muslims were to come in and convert, their passion and zeal for the Faith, mixed with the appreciation for a new culture that immigrants often bring, might just be what Europe needs to avoid slipping into being the northernmost corner of the Islamic world. 

We'll see.


  1. The Lord is always at work and all celebration for our new brethren.

    Though I wish the article would give more context for the numbers. Hundreds of converts is great news, obviously, but is that out of thousands of immigrants... or millions?

    1. I'll take anything. I think the witness might - might that is - be enough to make those Christians so willing to accept some universalist based apathy to think twice about that pearl of great price.


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