Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Anti-Christian CNN gives Faith the finger for Easter

In the MSM's annual 'screw Christianity' Holy Day instalment, CNN's belief blog offers a heated debate between those who deny the divinity of Christ and those who deny everything about the Christian Faith.  That's fair and balanced.  I noticed that, for a while, the MSM was forced, by way of the surging FOX News, to have a balanced representation in its panel discussions.  But as FOX has become relegated to the domain of partisan hackwork (some of which is deserved), the MSM has begun to pull back to the glory days when a fair and balanced panel meant three liberals, a leftist, and a moderate.  Its internet versions have, naturally, followed the same path.

So we have this debate, where near atheist agnostic Bart Erhman has to come out and actually defend the historicity of Jesus.  That's right, he who has made a living writing books telling the world how unreliable the New Testament is suddenly becomes the voice of reason as he explains that only kooks and nutcases in line with flat earthers and people who deny the moon landings would ever suggest there was no such person as Jesus in some form or another.

That's right.  The radical defender of Orthodoxy in CNN's Easter installment is a man who makes it his mission to turn as many away from belief in God as possible.  It goes down from there.  Again, I ask you.  Is there anyone left in the world who ever utters the phrase 'it must be true, I read it in the newspaper' without a massive dose of sarcasm behind the words?  I can't imagine it.  It's also worth noting that CNN, like so much of the post-Western progressive movement, hates, and I mean H.A.T.E.S. the traditional Christian faith with the white-hot fury of a thousand suns.  This simply should be one more small piece of evidence to demonstrate its contempt for the Faith that so many millions hold dear.

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