Monday, April 30, 2012

Apparently hell has frozen over

You won't believe this, but it looks like Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has said - wait for it - that he will vote for liberal Democrat Barack Obama for president this year.  I know, commence guffawing.  I love how these folks think they are some cutting edge, radical, break down barriers rebels or something.  I mean, really?  This guy is as tired, boring and predictable as they come.  You could set the Atomic Clock by how predictable he is.  Does anyone notice this?  Apparently not, if the fact that he is going to vote the way anyone could have predicted makes the news.

I know, he had said he had problems with Obama.  Right.  That means I thought he might not support Obama this year.  Oh wait.  No, I'm not an idiot.  Again, the thing that was once cutting edge is now as dry and threadbare dull as it gets, and only a fool would see this as anything newsworthy. 

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