Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hugh Hefner jumps into the War on Women!

That's like having Benito Mussolini jump in on your side during a war.  A man whose famous objectifying of women is surpassed in its debauchery only by the stunning hypocrisy of those feminists who insist objectifying women as sexual objects is a good thing, has decided that this current move toward sexual responsibility and maturity must stop!  Sure, AIDS has wiped out more people than Hitler or Stalin could manage, and the HIV and AIDS rates continue to climb in our own country, along with a host of other problems - emotional, STDs, psychological, and societal - that are associated with the grand and glorious sexual revolution.  But hey!  Those are small prices to pay for Hef's libido doggone it.  Wow.  You just know that five hundred years from now, people will look back on our generation and shake their heads in disbelief when a man like this is given even a modicum of regard by our societal elites.  May God have mercy on that poor man's soul. 

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