Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Megan Carpentier does her part

To keep the focus of the abortion debate hell and gone from the subject of the baby.  Fighting for the right to abort babies, Megan undergoes the controversial transvaginal ultrasound in order to proclaim how intrusive and uncomfortable it was.  I mean, really.  Did anyone with more brain cells than a rock actually believe this wasn't going to be her conclusion?  It's, of course, a diversion meant to keep the topic on women, Women, WOMEN to the exclusion of any other conceivable priority.  Any time people start to think about how it really is the slaughter of an important human soul, they tend to get the willies.  This has been shown now for more than a few years in polls suggesting that support for aborting babies is beginning to wane.  So kudos to Ms. Carpentier.  She went the extra mile to fight for the right to sustain one of America's darkest blots on its history.  It's all we've come to expect from pro-abortion rights feminism in our post-modern society.

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