Saturday, April 7, 2012

RIP Thomas Kinkaid

We've been on vacation, and now turn our attentions to picking up the rest of the Passion Week, that is Easter.  Normally we don't travel on spring break because we prefer to remain nearby to take part in the various celebrations and reflections leading up to Easter.  But getting my wife to see her Dad, who has gone trough some pretty tough health problems this last year, was high on our list of priorities.  We also managed to add some visits along the way to make up for the last few years in which we were unable to take any trips at all. More on that later.

But as we get ready for Easter Vigil tonight, I was saddened to see that popular painter Thomas Kinkaid has died.  I know, I know.  His paintings were a lightening rod for criticism from the 'Art Establishment.'  Truth be told, I was always 'meh' when it came to his works, but I appreciated the happiness they brought to people.  For those who criticized his works for being some faux happy illusion, well I just say in this life a little happiness goes a long way.  Nothing he did was against the Faith, and if he brought some happiness in the meantime, more power to him.  Better that than the crowd of cranks who enjoy sitting in the bleachers of life, making their primary contribution to humanity by doing nothing other than pointing out how nobody does nothing better than they do. 

Anyway, peace and prayers to his family and loved ones.  Thanks for the happiness he brought to so many. May God's grace and love embrace them during this time, and may the perpetual light shine upon him.

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