Friday, April 27, 2012

Blogging light right now

As can be seen, there's not much blogging going on.  Not that I haven't notice much to comment on, but right now as my wife's severance package comes to a close, and we face the prospect of no income, no benefits, and no ready openings in the near future, I must admit my mind's priorities are elsewhere.  With that said, not to leave  folks hanging, but here are a couple things worth chewing on. 

First, a friend sent this article by George Weigel that says, in ways far better than I could, what I've been saying for several years now.  It's one of the ongoing themes that I touch on time and time again.

And over at the truly awesome Bad Catholic, I see one of the best refutations against the simplistic and shallow explanations that skeptics have for the question of why people are religious.  It's a must read. 

These two articles should keep you busy. In the meantime, prayers will be appreciated.  And enjoy a shot of my boys at St. Mary parish on the last Sunday that the three of them will serve, since my oldest will be moving on to bigger and different things in the not too distant.  Till later, God's blessings, prayers for the family, and TTFN. 

With a special note, it being the only Easter they served together

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