Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It starts

Well, not really.  It's been progressing for quite some time.  But so far, the argument from the pro-gay movement has been that they would never, ever think of forcing actual churches to compromise their beliefs about homosexuality.  In fairness, as this story makes clear, the Hutchinson City Council is not mandating that churches perform the actual ceremonies.  That would be too flagrant.  Rather, they are simply demanding that churches open up their facilities to gay marriages and receptions.  This is strange, because as a former pastor, we didn't have to open our church up for anyone.  We had the right to say no for a host of reasons.  Oh, we never did that I am aware of.  Usually, our facilities were used by those wanting to get married in our church in a service performed by me anyway.  But it could have happened.  So once again, we see that slow, steady creep (though gaining steam to be sure) of the post-modern progressives yearning for a day when it is really no longer legal to be non-progressive. Now that's progress!

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