Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Phillip Warlove demonstrates ignorance

In this piece, in which he tries to pound the square peg of his shallow agendas into the round hole of reality.  Anyone who reads more than one newspaper a year knows that if the Catholic Church is anything at all, it is hardly a carbon copy of the GOP.  One could rattle off a half dozen major topics in which the Church and the GOP have run afoul of one another: the Iraq War, Immigration Reform, the GOP budget, Israel, enhanced interrogation, the death penalty - to see that there is little in common between the two on a host of issues.  But in keeping with the typical progressive mantra, that all reality exists within the domain of sex, Mr. Warlove sees the Church's stance on sex related issues, and concludes that the GOP and the Catholic Church are indeed one flesh.  Warlove's is the type of editorial that ultimately speaks more about the author of the editorial piece than it does the topic at hand.

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