Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hilary Rosen is reminded that Ann Romney is not Sarah Palin

Back in 2008, when it came to going after Sarah Palin, anything went.  One of the earliest slams at her was aimed at her decision to run for office when she was the mother of a special needs child.  She should have stayed home where she belonged, or so we were told.  After all, I can think of no statement that defines liberal feminism more than 'a woman's place is in the home.' 

Well, to quote Foreigner, that was yesterday.  Or yesteryear.  CNN contributor and Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen has been taken to the woodshed over mocking Ann Romney, mother of Mitt Romney's children, as having never worked a day in her life.  Now how long would it take to see what was wrong with that picture? 

I'm sure she imagined that, just like 2008, it is going to be no-holds-barred when it comes to going after the GOP, their wives, their children, or whoever.  But it is not 2008.  People were pissed in 2008, and looking for someone to blame.  They were pissed at President Bush, and the Republicans.  The MSM was entirely into the narrative that we were about ready to make history by electing a woman or a non-Caucasian to the presidency.  So there was some leeway. 

But not now.  Only through the help of the MSM, hellbent on reelecting Obama, has Obama managed to stay near a 45% approval rating.  Not good going into an election year.  Despite media narratives, the country is in no way sold on reelecting the destroyer of religious liberty in exchange for better sex.  So the blank check to attack/destroy is not there.  Especially - ESPECIALLY - when courting the female vote appears to be strategy #1 for the Obama team and his cadre of propagandists in the MSM.  The LAST thing they needed was Ms. Rosen coming out and suggesting that women who raise kids are a bunch of out of touch lazy slackers. 

Even Debbie Wasserman Schultz jumped on board and spanked Rosen over her comments.  Word of warning for Democrats:  It is not 2008.  The old sexism, racism, phobia inducing demagoguery will not work as easily this time around.  If you want to see President Obama in for another four years, you could do worse than putting a leash on the more infantile blowhards representing your cause.

By the way, I know what Rosen meant.  She was trying to run with the observation that Ann Romney didn't know what it was to struggle with bills while two parents work to scratch out a living.  It was simply a stupid thing to say, and it goes to show how if you're not careful, being outside of accountability can ultimately come back to bite.

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