Thursday, March 10, 2022

I have to admit it made me laugh

Funny alternate dialogue from my college days come to mind
I never put much stock in what celebrities, Hollywood or athletic or music or otherwise, have to say about almost anything.  I care about their opinions less than those who are important to me, such as my priest, the guy fixing my car or the girl taking my money in the checkout lane in the grocery store.  To me, such locals' opinions are not only more important, but likely better informed, than most coming from old Tinsel Town. 

Plus, it's a sure fire way of becoming disappointed in people.  So Mark Hamill, a childhood hero of mine, who has embarrassed himself for anyone with a maturity level above puberty for years, had this to say about Florida's bill prohibiting sexual themed lessons aimed at children under fourth grade:

That's from the LGBTQ talking point erroneously calling it the "Don't Say Gay" bill, which has been repeated by almost every objective national news outlet in the country.  So betting Hamill likely never read the bill in the first place, I'll give him a pass as yet one more Internet era pundit who simply vomits talking points from the correct side, actual facts and truth be damned.  

Nonetheless, I did get a kick out of this response:

Heh.  Taking a shot at Hamill  and backhanding Lucas in the meantime.  Which I don't mind.  Lucas continues to be a genuine jerk by refusing to release the original theatrical cuts of his first Star Wars trilogy.  That's because he remains forever pissed at his fanbase for saying his CGI enhanced releases in the 1990s were der poop piles, with most preferring the original cuts. A fellow who treats his fanbase like thralls who are only there to worship his billionaire grandness deserves a few backhanded digs at the obvious aimed his way. 


  1. by almost every "objective" national news outlet

    Fixed that for you. ;)

    1. Yes, I thought the sarcasm worked better without the quotes since saying it straight, everyone still knows it's meant fictitiously because that's the state of our media today.


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