Monday, March 14, 2022


CNN appears quite shocked that Dept. of Health guidance in Florida suggests the Covid-19 vaccine might not benefit healthy 5 to 17 year olds.  Read it here.

If we were honest, it might do some good. It might even foster some good will among those reluctant to follow various Covid guidelines, including the Covid shots.  If we admitted that the vaccines clearly have underperformed, that their effectiveness tends to ebb and flow based on the latest virus variants, and that obviously if we've missed those marks, we can't be sure if there are long term side effects, at least that would be honest. 

But like most things today, especially if they are glommed onto by our mass corporate media industries, it's a case of shouting down and name calling.  Or, if possible, bringing in the crushing hand of government - or worse, corporate - retaliation against any who would question the latest dogma. 

Covid has been a mess, make no mistake. Admitting that might be the first step in a long walk to bring people back to some semblance of trust in the institutions that have repeatedly dropped the ball.  If, in fact, that is what we want to happen.


  1. I like to describe my political orientation as a "costitarian" - whatever you do, will have a price, so go and pay the price you find acceptable.

    What drives me steadily crazy of late with politics is that everything - EVERYTHING seems to go through this cycle of "We must do X! There's no cost or downside!" - beat - "Oh no! There's some cost or downside to X!" Especially when 99% of the time the cost or downside of X was accurately predicted by the very people who were mocked or insulted in the interest of being shouted down. Like can we not calm down and discuss rationally the pros and cons of the gene therapy treatment? (which is technically what it is - it's not a vaccine) Not everything has to be treated like it's either a miracle cure or a deadly poison.

    1. Sadly I think that's where all debate about everything is today. Are you on our side or do you love Hitler? Clearly the vaccines are so that's why or you love killing old people. There's not much room for debate, but it seems to be a conversation approach that is popular with not a few people, including Church leaders.

    2. A political discussion dominated by 30 second sound bites is allergic to nuance


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