Friday, March 25, 2022

The good news is that the majority of Americans do not use Twitter

The bad news is that the majority of Germans didn't belong to the Nazi party in 1933 either.  I'll admit that, at first glance, it's comforting, to a degree, to see something like this.  

  • Only 25% of Americans use Twitter? 
  • Only 1% watch Fox, and even less than that (.05%) watch MSNBC?
  • 42% of Americans identify as Independents?

Well, that last one is a big of a slickster stat.  My experience is that most who identify as Independents invariably vote for the same party in almost every election.  Technically I was an independent for most of my adult life.  Yet I couldn't help but notice I almost always (almost) voted for the GOP - even though there is little about the GOP I actually care for. 

But let's set aside the party identification, and even the audiences of cable news.  Let's look at that blight upon the human race that is Twitter and its ilk.  Since we don't have numbers for the ilk, we must confine our look to Twitter itself, the river Styx of discourse. 

If I run the numbers, that 25%, which at first seems small, becomes about 64.6 million Americans in the hell-pit of Twitter. To put that in perspective, there were about 86 million Germans in WWII.  Now, not everyone on Twitter is bat nuts back alley in Central Europe in the 1920s ready to take over for Jim Jones level of unhinged zealous insanity.  But let's, for laughs, assume that the usual 12% I always hear when it comes to extremists in a group applies here.  Of those who do Twitter, that would be about 7.7 million. That's the loons, the frothing at the mouths, the 'I hate your guts and will only pray because Jesus demands it but by golly I hope you get what you deserve' level of cognitive and emotional goose-steppers.

Of course all sides have such loonies, and the platform itself seems to encourage a certain level of 'I want to be like Manson.'  But those on the Left, as usual, have the benefit of the national (and international) press, the post-Christian West, growing segments of vast, global multi-zillion dollar corporate interests, an endless army of millionaire and billionaire celebrity power players, and the bulk of tech barons all behind them. Egging them on. Rewarding them when they serve well.  Running left tackle for them against dissenters. 

So while there are no doubt within that 7 million barking mad tweeters a fair share from any group, it seems to favor the Left since Twitter itself makes not being a leftist difficult to begin with. Assume 2/3 are to the Left, that's still around 5.1 million people who hate my guts, laugh at my misery, don't give a rip about my family, want everything I cherish destroyed, and have the sympathies and ears of vast global interests who increasingly appear to want the same. 

There may not be Nuremberg rallies in our day and age, though attempts to make Donald Trump's campaign stops into the same were certainly tried.  But what we have is Twitter as the same form of Nuremberg rally today in social media form, where the most disturbed elements of society can go to lap up the hatred and hubris and unhinged tribalism, high five each other, and all but march in circles around the digital bonfires they spend most of their days trying to light. 

At its best, most I see on Twitter act worse than the worst kids I knew in middle school.  The absolutely worst kids, the mean, the stupid, the bully, the druggie, the drop out.  When I read so many Twitter posts, that's often the first thing that comes to my mind, memoires of all those kids in school that most schools wish were somewhere else. Those are the better posts.

The worst make me think of Charles Manson or Jim Jones, radical terrorists groups, old speeches at the Reichstag given by such luminaries as Joseph Goebbels or Rudolf Hess.  All of the channeled and fostered hatred, arrogance, heartlessness and cold blooded disregard for reality that can only be found in the worst pits of human existence. 

So yes, while it's only 25% of Americans who wallow in the filth - and as I said, no doubt not all are bad - that many millions is still too many.  Especially when, in my own personal assessment, the National Press learned to weaponize Twitter, as have other institutions (we're looking at you higher education) as a way of letting slip the dregs of war to do their dirty work against the Christian West. Because of that, it's difficult to ignore that for every wacked out, beyond belief lunatic Twitter post, there is a power player sitting behind it that is smiling. 

Oh, one more thing.  Have I mentioned I hate Twitter?

[END: Unhinged anti-Twitter rant]


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    1. Yeah. I don't have a Twitter account for that reason. Sam Rocha asked why, if I think so ill of Twitter, I comment on it. I guess I might say I think ill of political corruption, but I'll still comment on it as well. Especially when I see people behaving on Twitter in ways I know they never would in real life. Plus, it's the press weaponizing of Twitter that, IMHO, turned the tide from 'The Internet is killing the press' to the press now wielding power and control over our society in ways it never even did when it was only three networks and a few national papers.


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