Thursday, March 17, 2022

St. Patrick's New Breastplate

Courtesy of that sage and prophet Bono:

Oh Saint Patrick he drove out the snakes
With his prayers but that’s not all it takes
For the snake symbolizes
An evil that rises
And hides in your heart
As it breaks
And the evil has risen my friends
From the darkness that lives in some men
But in sorrow and fear
That’s when saints can appear
To drive out those old snakes once again
And they struggle for us to be free
From the psycho in this human family Ireland’s sorrow and pain
Is now the Ukraine
And Saint Patrick’s name now Zelensky

Yep.  You read that right.  We live in a shallow and superficial age.  A godless, aimless, pointless age with nothing to anchor it except the latest fad. If that fad is lifting Ukraine up to the level of Heaven and worshipping Zelenksi as the new Buddha Messiah God, so be it.  

I think it was Chesterton who once said something to the effect that if people stop believing in God, they won't believe in nothing, they'll believe in anything.  If that was said, our age proves its right more than anything I can imagine.

For the record, and to be honest, I was never a U2 fan.  I always had the impression they were waving their arms in the air and saying, "Look at us, we're important!"  They clearly imagined themselves as the next Beatles in terms of social and  cultural relevance.  Complete with their own 'Rooftop Performance' back in the mid-80s.  So part of this could be bias on my part.

But I don't think all of it. It shows that for all of our post-WWII contempt for the entire pre-WWII world, we've made it our life's ambition to repeat everything we condemned our ancestors and parents for doing.  


  1. Sombody get me an AK-47 And an NKVD uniform, and buy me a ticket to Sebastopol. Thanks to Bono I'm now a Putin Supporter (I'm kidding, but seriously, sombody should introduce Bono to the Azov Regiment. He'd have to moderate his views somewhat).

    1. Heh. I don't know if I was that bothered, but I came close. As I said, I was never a U2 fan, and this sort of 'look at me, I'm important!' gesture is about what I would have expected.


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