Monday, March 28, 2022

I don't think The Babylon Bee is funny

I just don't.  Not because of lack of talent.  But because it's chosen to mock and lampoon the Left, and that's a tall order.  I don't think the best comedic writers could make much out of the Left that the Left doesn't do on its own.  That's my problem with the BB.

Take for instance, this:

It comes from this piece.  Now, I admit that should be worth a chuckle in sane circumstances.  But how is it funny in a world where parents can say their child is multiple different identities and refer to her in the third person plural?  Or a world where some would have you be fired if you suggest men can't have babies?  Where SCOTUS nominees swear they have no clue how to define what a woman is? 

BB isn't alone in this quandary.  Here's a meme that was put up for the same reason:

Again, the absurdity of the humor is lost on the fact that Judge Jackson said she doesn't know how to define a woman.  How do you mock her when what she did was mockery enough? 

Of course we know she knows exactly what a woman is.  This is not about transgender anything or rights or whatever. It's about power and control.  It's O'Brien and his four fingers.  It's knowing Judge Jackson knows full well what a woman is, but also knows full well she doesn't dare say so.  That's when you know you're in a post-free society.

That's what this is all about.  That's why parody or satire fall flat.  Imagine humorous memes showing Winston's answers or O'Brien's demands.  Because absurdity is the gateway drug to tyranny.  Trying to outdo the absurdity through humor is a hopeless endeavor. 

A note about the comment in the second meme.  That has been a feminist standard since whenever.  The more I kick things around, the more I begin to think it was feminism all along that sowed the first seeds of the West's demise.  For feminism all but perfected the right to demand absolute equality for women whenever convenient for women.  

For example, women want equality between the sexes sans differences until differences benefit women.  Then, and only then, are you allowed to act as if there are differences (though note, almost never are you able to say so).  That sort of ham-fisted sleight of hand came to dominate feminist activism, and has since spilled over into most movements today.  Until the essence of our modern age is that there is no Truth, there's only what gets me what I want at the moment.  In five minutes, my truth now is false, because of course it is. 


  1. Replies
    1. Granted, when it's just writing off about this or that silly thing, it can still be funny. I appreciate that it's usually 'family friendly.' But when it tries to go after leftwing issues, it can't help but fall short.

  2. Politics has always been courupt and murderous. At least now the murder and couruption has an element of humor.

    1. Yeah, sad but true. We've truly mixed the genres when we can look at this mess and make comedy of it.


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