Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The unbearable existence of white people

Yep, even when it comes to board games.  Somewhere, within the last hundred years, we decided that European and American civilization have no right to exist.  That includes anything connected with Caucasians.  Much less Christianity.  

African, Chinese, Japanese,  Aztec, pre-Columbian American, Mongolian, Indonesia, Indian, Hindu, Muslim, and an endless list not-Caucasian, not-Christian, not-European/American cultures have every right to exist.  They are to be celebrated and embraced, honored and respected without exception.  But that does not apply to anything north of the Mediterranean or west of the Urals.  

I've said before how I remember like it was yesterday the first time I heard the term WASP described.  It was fourth grade.  That's about 1976/1977.  It was a dark time in American history when we were a WASP  (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) nation, or so we learned that day.  Then came that first ray of light when Catholic John Kennedy was elected president, breaking the stranglehold that those/us WASPs had on our nation.  Glory be it was a new era of possibilities. 

More than one Catholic I've known over the years accepts that narrative. Heck, many still do.  Was a time when America was the nation of bigotry and prejudice, discrimination and oppression in those old Protestant majority days.  But we became much better that November in 1960. 

Problem?  Obviously the problem is plain to see.  It took no time at all to swap the P with C, for generic Christian.  By the late 70s it was time to ditch the hold that old Judeo-Christian values and beliefs had on our society.  By the late  80s, the J-word and Christianity were to be seen, not heard.  

Same with the AS part of WASP.  As the P gave way to C, so the AS eventually merged with Europeans in general and finally - as today - simply White.  So now it's the deplorable WC that is a blight on our nation, and on the Western tradition as a whole. If it's White it's evil.  And you can bet your grandma's uncle that any form of evil thinking today, any bigotry or opposition to the pure faith of modernity, is rooted in Christianity somewhere.  Christianity quickly became the only purely evil religion in a world of fake and fictional, but often honorable, religious beliefs.

That this anti-white racism and anti-Christian bigotry is driven by whites and Christians as much as anyone is beside the point.  Others are beginning to warm up to the trend. Plenty of minorities and activists from around the world are starting to notice what the article points out: That "whites" make up a decidedly small part of the global population, with serious Christian believers only slightly more numerous.  

Again, our grandchildren will get what we deserve.  From this the Faith will no doubt survive, and a remnant will keep the Gospel message alive, even after the world has forgotten  gothic cathedrals and Shakespeare and Mozart and Mt. Rushmore.  I have no doubt the Faith will grow in other parts of the world, and it will go as the Holy Spirit will lead.  Just as it has for 2000 years.  

But it took our generation of believers, including Catholics, to conclude that the Holy Spirit must have taken a thousand year vacation from which we are only now beginning to return.  The great blunder of God was allowing the Church to grow and develop in this one civilization that, due to its ethnic and religious heritage, never should have existed in the first place. 

I know that sounds over the top.  But please find me examples of modern rhetoric about America and the West and Christianity and Caucasians to show we're I'm wrong.  

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