Thursday, March 17, 2022

A story that breaks the Narrative

Hence you are not likely to see it covered much in the national press.  From NBC in South Florida, five middle school students, apparently black or non-white at least, are arrested for suspected hate crimes against white students. 

Now this is news, and not news at the same time.  It's news for the same reason it would be news if any combination of students were gathered to do such a thing.   It isn't news given the racially explosive environment we've created in our nation.  If you don't hate somebody because of their skin color in our country today, you're a gem among humans.  Our entire national conversation is directed at stirring as much race hate between people as possible.  

It's likely that the main goal of this generated race hate is to provoke whites to lash out against minorities, therefore the self-fulfilling prophecy that whites, unchained by good leftist ideology, are genetically programmed to lash out against minorities. Therefore anything made by or attributed to whites, such as the last 1000 years of Christianity, the Constitution, ideas of liberty, democracy or equality, can be jettisoned with no effort. 

Nonetheless, facts are a pesky thing.  In our neck of the woods, most violence is black on black.  When it is interracial, it's often black on Hispanic and vice versa, or black on Muslim, or black or Muslim on Jewish.  Of course there are cases of whites against those minority groups, but they are hardly the majority cases - simply the only ones you typically hear about. When it turns out those non-white groups are the ethnicities involved, the stories are typically dropped faster than a hot dish you stupidly pick up with bare hands when it just came out of the oven.

For weeks and weeks, for example, we had constant local news updates about an Islamic religious leader who was brutally murdered.  It appeared to be a hate crime.  It seemed as if he was targeted.  Of course we had stories reminding us of the post-9/11 anti-Islamic holocaust, the rampant Islamaphobia that plagues America, and on and on.  Almost every other day we heard his religious community interviewed and much emphasis on bringing the perpetrators to justice. Until the suspect was arrested and charged and turned out to be - damnit! - black.  That was a week or so ago and I've heard no updates since. 

It goes like that.  On the national stage as well.  The point is that white Christian Republicans in Red States are the cause of evil in our world,  Everyone else is just a bunch of hapless muggels awaiting the bold Blue State crusaders to save the day.  That is believed by millions.  It is believed because that is the fiction our producers of this fiction have worked so hard to establish.  Hence this story of white children being targeted due to race hate against whites.  Blink!  And you'll miss it. 

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