Saturday, March 5, 2022

On the other side of the field, John C. Wright looks at the Seven Demonic doctrines of modernity

In contrast to Mark's 'what's wrong with progressive modernity' approach, John C. Wright muses on what's wrong with progressive modernity.  Basically it's the Seven Deadly Sins understood through the prism of modernist sins.  

It's hardly a dissertation, but it does remind us of things that are sinful in light of Revealed Truth, and yet sins we've almost become used to.  For instance, the sin of Materialism, and how it finds itself as Christianity helping the poor for the sake of helping the poor and for no other reason than helping the poor.  Because this world and really only this world. 

It's not a long article, for JC Wright.  But there's a lot to chew on. 

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