Thursday, April 22, 2021

What Greta Thunberg is not

Despite the local morning news leading with the story that '18 year old activist and climate change expert Greta Thunberg...', as far as I know, she is not an expert.  If she is, I'd like someone to define expert.  My hunch is that, like the term science, it now means falling into lockstep behind leftwing narratives and agendas and talking points. 

Each day I'm more and more convinced that there are three types of people, yes there are four.  There are fools, liars, thralls and those who know better than to listen to anything that is reported by the modern propaganda ministry formerly known as the news media. 

FWIW, here's my take on young miss Thunberg and the rise of MMGW fortunate sons (and daughters). In fairness, climate change is only latest in a growing number of crusades embarked upon by well to do activists willing to let others suffer and pay the price for the cause.   


  1. If one listens to the whole of Thunberg's rantings, not just the media sanitized snippets, it is quite apparent that she is locked into a script that brooks no clarification or correcting of "facts" and drives full on to apocalypse with only a Brave New World and a Big Brother to stop it.

    1. It's amazing how flagrantly false the media is when it jumps on things like this. If she were espousing some non-leftwing ideology, any mistakes or fumbles would be the news. That's how the press has cultivated the idea that conservatives are dumb, but liberals are smart. So anything Sarah Palin flubbed about was headline news. But Biden's flubs? If mentioned at all, they were quickly dismissed, a polite chuckle, and on with other things. That's why only fools and liars at this point would ever trust the media.


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