Thursday, April 29, 2021

PolitiFact examines Senator Tim Scott's rebutal

I thought we all needed the laugh.  Fact Check sites are quickly becoming the modern equivalent of snake oil salespeople.  It's often good for a laugh to see how they twist and turn and find ways to make sure the other guys can't be entirely right, while making sure our guys weren't completely wrong.  All in all, counting toothpicks is time better spent than caring what the latest modern contribution to silliness has to say.  But again, always good for a laugh.   Those who wish to dissect the selective use of statistics found in the piece are free to do so. 

BTW, bonus points if you notice the dig about Tim Scott being the senate's "lone black republican."  Because of course he is, since there are only three current senators who are black, and two are Democrats.  Unless all there were in the same party, one would have to be the only black senator in one of the parties. Wonder why they put that little bit in there.  

Again, there are fools, and there are those who know better than to trust the laughably titled "Fact Checkers" of today. 

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