Friday, April 9, 2021

Sam Rocha is correct

 For the wrong reason, but correct nonetheless:

Woke, cancel culture, PC, cultural Marxism - all of these are lame terms to be sure, even if they are are used to describe something very simple.  They point to the fact that modern liberals are intolerant, self-righteous, judgmental, and expect their superior values to be mandated by the state, imposed on the populace, with anyone failing to conform deserving to be retaliated against accordingly.

In short, the liberals of today are really the fundamentalists of yesterday. That's almost unfair to fundamentalists.  For most of our country's history, your fundamentalist zealot was always afoul of the powers that be, including higher education, pop culture and the press.  

Today, on the other hand, the leftwing enjoys complete support from those and similar outlets.  That is why, as I said here, any argument against a leftwing narrative can preemptively be framed under the assumption that racism, sexism, bigotry, hate, or what have you, is the motive.  Which is why a man suggesting that you need a man and woman for sexual reproduced is forced to apologize in order to save his reputation.  True or not, we can frame his statement has hatred and bigotry and charge forth. It's how the side that once screamed 'never impose values on others' can shamelessly impose its values on others today. 

So yes, Sam is correct, at least in his appraisal of the terms.  Those are some lame terms. They are lame terms because the press - on board with the left's forces of intolerance, judgmentalism, and imposing leftwing values on the populace - doesn't run with them.  #MeToo, BLM, Global Warming, White Privilege, Systemic Racism?  Those become sacred mantra because those institutions in league with the leftwing support the cause and sanction them by endless repetition.  But woke, cancel culture, pc?   Nope.  They sound silly because they are made to sound silly. 

It's just that in an age in which a bumper sticker holds too much information for your average post-modern to process, those who would resist the leftwing intolerance have yet to find that clever slogan that will do the trick.  Perhaps taking a deep breath and calling the leftwing out for what it is might be the better solution. 


  1. Rocha would certainly know all about not being particularly thoughtful, interesting or insightful. Quite the tedious scold, Sam.

    1. Yes, I thought it was rather lame. Almost like the thief scrambling for an excuse having been caught trying to steal a television fro the local store.

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