Wednesday, April 7, 2021

A picture is not worth a thousand words

 Case in point:

Not a color photo of early 20th Century America   

Yep.  When we consider that both our corporate interests and news media outlets are now activists for the leftwing agenda, they barely have to pretend.   Really.  I watch and read news today, and there is no real attempt to present their stories as being objective. In most cases, it's pure advocacy. 

Nonetheless, on those rarest of occasions where they feel the need to trot out a video or photograph to give the notion of objective journalism some heft, we still should be wary.  It comes down to trust.  Because even photos and videos can be easily manipulated and edited, I must therefore trust the source.  And today, I would trust honest Larry the used car salesman before I trust the press. Therefore, show me a photo or a video, and it means nothing.  The distrust is still there. 

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