Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The trial, the decision

All I can say is I hope justice was done.  There appeared to be no talk about actual racism in the verdict, unless I'm missing something.  But I suppose hoping for justice is what I can do.  Unlike President Biden, I wasn't there and didn't hear everything.  I only heard what the press told me, which is a short way of saying I know less than Sgt. Schultz about the trial.  

Is it easy to charge forth and declare an affront to justice, say the system is rigged, and demand anything and everything be thrown out the window?  Yeah.  That's easy.  That happens now any time a decision we don't like is reached.  Half of the BLM premise is based on the idea that the system is rigged.  Whether this does anything to help that assumption remains to be seen.  But unless I want a decision I support next time to be attacked and undermined, I had best behave myself now. 

The verdict is in.  Derek Chauvin has the right to appeal, and I imagine he will.  I know I would.  I'm sure guilt or innocence does not have much to do with whether one appeals or not.  But for at least a moment, our nation was spared a round of death, violence, destruction and assaults.  No spilling over into destroying our art, our memorials, our public buildings, our religious art the way we saw last year.  For a moment at least. 

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