Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The birth of Jesus has served its purpose

Yep.  It's that time of year again, when we can stop wasting time with that Jesus born in a manger rubbish and get on with the next consumer feeding frenzy.  

I love the two shoppers looking at the paltry remnants on the shelves.  It's as if the store is saying, "Sorry about your luck, but you should have given a damn about Jesus a week ago when it was good for the bottom line!"

Ages from now conservatism's blind, slavish devotion to corporate interests and board room priorities in the name of defending Capitalism and the Free Market will be seen as one of the great strategic blunders of human history.  A free market is one thing.  A soulless consumerism that becomes so jaded it can watch corporate interests piss all over the sacred and virtuous for a buck is a threat to our most cherished values.  The result of ignoring this fact speaks for itself as we watch corporatism emerge as one of the single greatest threats to all we hold dear that we've ever encountered.  

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  1. Right on post. I am not religious, but these days I will say Merry Christmas because well, I guess because it's one small attempt to fight against the soulless consumerism.


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