Saturday, December 26, 2020

A very white Christmas

We don't always have white Christmases here in the Buckeye State.  They are less common in recent years than when I was growing up.  Nonetheless, this year - 2020 - saw one of the most beautiful and enjoyable white Christmases we can remember.  It snowed all Christmas Eve, and since we were staying home to watch the Midnight Mass anyway, driving conditions didn't get in the way.  Not like last year with the craziest and foggiest day I had ever seen.  The next day, Christmas, it snowed throughout, with mostly a flurry of flakes drifting down the whole day.  That was when these shots were snapped for Christmas.  My Mom stayed dutifully inside where it was warm. 

The family, Christmas Day 2020

The boys and me, Christmas Eve - It was cold out there!

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