Tuesday, December 22, 2020

I could watch this every day

At least every day of the holidays.  The original that started it all.  I still remember seeing the fellow interviewed by Matt Lauer.  It was just a little 'a lights display in Cincinnati has neighbors talking' story.  Nothing big.  The fellow worked with computers and just did it, IIRC, for his wife for something different. 

Now it's the thing, and musical synched light displays are everywhere from neighborhood houses to sprawling city wide and corporate displays alike.  Of course Tran Siberian Orchestra figures prominently among the music selection since it was their Wizards in Winter he used to set up the display.  Up until then, Christmas Canon was their best known song.  

So kudos to a fellow who thought outside the box and changed the way we do Christmas displays.  Even if we don't remember his name.  But then, we don't remember the name of the fellow who invented toilet paper, and you'd think he would have a global holiday celebrating him.  

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