Monday, December 7, 2020

A date that once lived in infamy

Here is the first post on Pearl Harbor day that I published.  Ten years ago.  I said then that it was a date that would soon be forgotten.  I had no idea that in ten years, not only would it be forgotten by most young American, but most young Americans would want to forget the nation that was attacked.  

I've often said that Western Civilization will be the first civilization to die from suicide.  Not accidental, depressed, mental health driven suicide.  But a hellish perversion of guilt and shame mixed with lies and propaganda that has convinced people in the freest culture in history that it's only dumb strange coincidence that this nation they are free to want to destroy without retaliation is otherwise the most horrible and evil nation in history. 

But there you go.  Some still remember.  I didn't see it on the national newscasts this morning, but wasn't able to watch them.  Perhaps in some second hour lineup it was mentioned.   Our local - and a little more conservative - outlet did a segment on the date and the attack and memorials being held.  Like most things, whether you remember or not, or care or not, or wish America would have lost or not, is likely where you stand on a host of other issues.  


  1. I highly recommend you watch this:

    Where Douglas Murray says much that you have. And points out things like "well if we had no borders we'd have no wars" is the dominant thought now. As well as much more that I won't bother paraphrasing because I know I'd do a bad job at it.

    1. I love hearing someone smarter than me say things I've said without realizing others noticed them too. I loved his point about Europe (and America) being the place for everyone, while every other country can be their own country. My sons noticed that. They said at some point we decided Europe and the United States had no right to exist, while every other society has every right to exist. This then morphs into the idea that Europeans or Euro-Americans in the majority is unacceptable, but Chinese or Arabic or Indian or any other society with a dominant majority is just fine.


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