Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Pulitzer Prize and America's Communist Revolt

So the buzz being dutifully downplayed by the MSM is that the Pulitzer Prize was given to the New York Times' deplorable The 1609 Project essay*.  One of the worst pieces of historical propaganda since Goebbels, the project reeks of anti-Americanism, bigotry, and general racism.  It was fraught with historical and factual errors and was forced to publish corrections in kind.  And yet the Pulitzer prize went to - it!

Just like the Nobel Peace Prize given to Barrack Obama for the sole purpose of not being George Bush, so this prize has gone to those advocating the downfall of America and the Western Tradition.  Yes, let's just say it.  This is the revolt long planned and hoped for by the old Soviet bots of the 20th Century.  Soviet bots I say?  What am I, some Archie Bunker wannabe?  Yes.  Soviet bots.

We all know of Russian interference.  Remember that from back in 2016?  The great threat of the ages?  The evil Russians trying to conquer America and destroy our democracy and all that jazz?  Do we really think it only started in 2016?  Do we think it started in 2000?  Do we imagine the beautiful Soviets would never do such a thing?  If you have been educated by America's public school system and higher education since the 80s, there's a good chance you might think that. After all, a glaring number of  students - my own sons for example - were not taught the bad of the Soviets or Communism in general.  The bad of America and the Christian West, yes.  That they were taught. But Communism, when mentioned at all, was mostly positive with a few minor disclaimers.

But old timers know better.  We remember Solzhenitsyn's warning. We remember the plethora of former Soviet ministers who came to America after the USSR fell and informed us what the Soviet Union had been doing.  Basically, it had been doing to us what we had been doing to them.  Trying to get a foothold in our culture and throw down our Western democratic, capitalist society, just as we were trying to throw down their atheistic, Communist society.

The problem is, we seemed to believe that by taking out the USSR, the war was over and we won.  The Communists knew better.  They knew this was a revolution for a new age of humanity.  No more armies on borders needed.  With mass communications and global media, it was a new war for the hearts and minds in living rooms, not the bodies and weapons on the battlefield.  America waved it's flags for a few days in 1991.  Then those who had been weaned to take up propaganda arms against America got to work.

Now we are seeing the fruits of that labor.  Massive swaths of Americans are now convinced that the United States, for all intents and purposes, has got to go.  They are convinced that the heritage of the Christian faith and that Judeo-Christian worldview must be eliminated. They are being taught that Communist leaders like Mao and even Lenin were enlightened and did great things for their people.  All the while, they are taught that the Christian West and America were pits of evil, racism, slavery, genocide, and bigotry.

The New York Times has been no stranger to singing the praises of Communist dictatorships in recent years. It is hardly alone.  Gathering a coalition of estranged and marginalized minority groups, the Left has eschewed calls for reconciliation and forgiveness and unity, and has set about the work of encouraging a global call for the elimination of not just the American nation state, but all nation states.

The 1609 Project was just one outgrowth of this propaganda movement meant to sow bitterness and hatred toward America, to foment new forms of racism and bigotry, and to assure people that the hope of their future lies in the eradication of the past.   We can start being honest at this point.  Call it what it is.  This is that Communist revolt that the Communists of old yearned for, and that we are now delivering on a silver platter. If we don't name the enemy, it cannot be defeated.

*Our local news outlet mentioned the prizes.  It named the other works by name and who the recipients were.  But when it came to this, it merely said a 'piece on the history of slavery.' Not the name of the piece itself, since even among amateurs, the name '1609 Project' is infamous for disastrously false and inaccurate statements meant to attack America.

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