Thursday, May 28, 2020

Making the Inquisition look tolerant one hashtag at a time

So Jimmy Fallon has come under fire.  Now, Fallon is the one late night comedian who has gotten in trouble for daring to not always stay 100% on the Leftist plantation.  Fallon drew outrage by daring to suggest Donald Trump should be treated like any other celebrity name in the news, and was forced to take the post-modern American pose.  What's the post-modern American pose?  That would be groveling in the dirt and begging for mercy and forgiveness for daring to stray from the Leftist narrative.

Fallon is already on shaky ground.  I mean, post-moderns eschew things like forgiveness and mercy as a general rule. Much of modern multiculturalism and leftist narrative is based on the idea of never forgetting or forgiving, to hold grudges and to accuse, criticize, condemn and hold no patience for those clearly inferior to us.  In this age, Fallon can sin against the Left and even be given pardon, but don't for a minute think the Left forgets.

So now that an old SNL skit, in which he impersonated Chris Rock, has been dug up and exposed, he's been forced to assume the position and beg for mercy.  Reaction to this retroactive breach of modern sensitivities was swift, and the #Lynchmob swung into immediate action, demanding Fallon be canceled, his career ruined, his reputation destroyed. 

How many more times this one comedian, who has already disappointed the leftist sith lord empire, will be allowed to continue remains to be seen.  But it's stunning how we moderns make McCarthy's Red Scare seem tolerant and open minded by comparison.  Remember kids, when a revolution like liberalism attacks such intolerance as it once did and then dishes it out tenfold once it has power, you may want to reevaluate your support for such a revolution.

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