Friday, May 29, 2020

Shouldn't the Minnesota protesters be social distancing?

Just asking.  I'm seeing lots of clips of the protests/riots, and it doesn't look like they're following proper social distance measures. I'm even seeing some not wearing masks.

I mean, not to nitpick.  A man has tragically died, and justice should be done.  If the police are found to have killed him wrongly, then following due process, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.  In the meantime, pray for that man and his grieving family.

With that said, we know what this is about and why the press is riding this like a surfboard in Hawaii.  This is covering for Biden's gaffe and the possibility of a tear developing in the Democratic party's traditional monopoly on the Black vote.  There was some kerfuffle involving the fatal shooting of an unarmed Black jogger earlier this month.  But that was pretty much condemned outright by people and, for some reason, that doesn't resonate like cops killing a Black man.

So now the press has what it's been searching for these last months or years.  And the riots and demonstrations have erupted almost as if on cue.  Nonetheless, we've also been told that Donald Trump has personally killed all 100K Covid-19 victims because he didn't react swift enough.  Likewise his concern for the poor and the poverty stricken due to the economic hardships resulting from the lockdowns has been compared to the killing of thousands of innocents.

In fact, when people have protested the lockdowns, they've been doubly called out for even showing up to protest.  Just like those who go to beaches or bowling alleys or - horror! - churches.  I mean, just gathering together with more than ten people is treated like going into a dance club and looking for Sarah Conner.  How many times did I hear news reports on lockdown protesters pointing out that they weren't social distancing?  And yet there are the protesters now in Minnesota and across the country.  No social distancing.  No abundance of caution.  If the pro-lockdown forces, especially those on the Left, are to be believed, that's nothing short of a death sentence being placed on a thousand innocents over the next few weeks.

I wonder if the press will approach the story from this angle of protesters failing to practice social distancing.  I wonder if those on the left and others who have beaten the drum for perpetual lockdowns and bans from public gatherings will call out the protesters.  It would at least be consistent.  Though I won't hold my breath.  It is America in the 21st Century after all.


  1. Remember when Shea called the lockdown protesters "bioterrorists"? Pepperidge farm remembers.

    Want to start a betting pool on whether he labels these protesters bioterrorists?

    1. I'm missing teh Pepperidge farm reference. But I doubt seriously I'll hear anything from Mark about this. Suddenly all those thousands who could be infected by C19 don't matter. They certainly don't matter to the press.


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