Monday, May 25, 2020

If the New York Times loved America half as much as it loves communist states

Who knows what its readership would be up to. The New York Times is fast emerging as one of America's most prominent pro-Communist voices.  In addition to continually praising communist dictatorships and terror states over and against America, it takes this Memorial Day to call down hellfire on all those old white/racists we have wrongly celebrated by our military over the years.

You know, like Fort Benning, named after a well known white supremacist Nazi racist.  Perhaps we could name it after Lenin, or Mao, or Castro - men whose accomplishments and governments have won great praise from the Times over the last few years.

Remember kids, the Left is the fruits of those old communist bots from the last century.  The ones who were playing the long game.  To that end, it seeks to do to the heritage of the Christian West and the American Experiment what communist states always do to the cultures out of which they emerge - burn them; burn them to the ground.  The same is true for the American communism we see coming out of the closet today.

If you think for a minute that tolerance and embracing diversity and agreeing to disagree will result from this emergence, you're as ignorant or naive as they come.  Like all communist revolutions, there will be one standing when the dust settles.  If you don't want future generations here and in the world up against the most powerful communist state in history, then you had best do something now.  Before it's too late.

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