Saturday, May 23, 2020

Joe Biden helps us understand Black people

Here.  Heh.  That's Biden.  He's been a walking gaffe machine for decades.  The difference in how the press reacted to his flubs versus Sarah Palin or Dan Quayle has always been among the most clear evidence of the press's bias for Democrats and against Republicans.   He's been able to say things that would have ended a Republican's career many times over the years.

Now he's in the spotlight, and it will be tough to dismiss or hide what he says.  Especially when what he says lives up to the accusations of his rivals.  We all know that the Left is about tearing down America and the Christian West.  To do this, it has built a coalition of anyone 'not White Christian or Male' who has been oppressed by the same.  Whatever they get from this coalition, what matters is that they stay in the coalition.

This has been seen by the frequency in which these various groups have been lifted up and lionized one moment, only to be tossed aside on the trash heap the next.  The important thing being that they snap to and get in line behind the Left. If they don't?  If they fail to vote Democrats or embraced Leftist narratives?  At best they become Orwellian style unpeople.  At worst, they become a target.

So Biden's Freudian slip is just proof of what sane people know.  Which is the problem.  Had he said something about Blacks not being eloquent like Barrack Obama, that could be dismissed as, well, something that would fry a Republican.  But this is the basic attitude of the Left and we all know it.  Hence the momentary spate of damage control we'll see, and then - whoosh - it will vanish in a day or so.


  1. The problem for Biden is that Trump fights like a Democrat. Trump will bring this up constantly and in the debates. (Hey, Slo Jo, read any blacks out of the race lately?) If Biden decides to take another white as Veep, he will have a major problem now that Trump will be happy to exploit. If he chooses a black, Trump will rail about tokenism. Republicans, by and large, are too high minded for their own good, and get their heads handed to them as a result. Bush the younger was a classic example of this. Trump fights by the Democrat playbook, I believe the same playbook is used in knife fights, and the Democrats and their media auxiliaries hate him for this. This campaign will be one to keep recordings of.

    1. That's true. I never forget that Trump is more liberal Democrat than conservative Republican. To that end, you're right. He knows the press, he knows the Left, and he plays their game. That seems to be what they can't get their minds around.


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