Saturday, August 29, 2015

One reason I still visit Catholic and Enjoying it

Is because of the phenomenal quality that several of the regular readers bring to discussions.  TMLutas still hangs out, bringing economic sense to discussions on the evils of Capitalism.  And in this little piece, in which Mark once again says 'evil gun cult, we must do anything, if you disagree with my non-solutions then Gun Cult!', several great commenters step in to bring sense, reality, and facts to the table.

Particularly compelling is Mike Flynn's point that if you look at certain metropolitan areas in Canada and the US near the Canadian border, it's amazing how the homicide rate fluctuates.  Sometimes, the rates in Canadian cities exceed their US counterparts.  It's amazing.  We're brainwashed by the media and the Left to think that the US is this giant homogeneous thing, where murders are everywhere, white cops are killing everyone, guns are everywhere killing everyone, and all you need to do to avoid this horror is step into any place in any other place in the world and it's John Lennon songs and flowers in the hair.

Such might be Mark's view, though his contribution to the debate is about as incoherent as they come.  It might be I'm just not clever enough to get his solutions, but when he increasingly raves about things outside of actual Catholic doctrine like gun control, it's like some bizarre version of 'You're stupid about guns because Frankenstein never scared me!'  Huh?  That's what I feel like reading Mark's contributions, especially when set in juxtaposition to Mike's, Pete the Greek's, and Stu's contributions to the subject.


  1. OMG mark's whole smart gun thing is so dumb, I can't believe he's taken seriously as any kind of thinker any more.

    Here, let me see if I've found the right metaphor to explain this.

    Ok, take a bow & arrow. Yes, the stick, string, and pointy stick. Now, make a "smart" b&a that can only be fired by the owner.

    You really can't figure out how to do that can you? Maybe put some battery that shocks you in the handle? Yeah, what's going to keep someone from just taking out the battery?

    Then. THEN the idea gets "better." So, this whole smart b&a thing you built? It's somehow going to keep ANY OTHERS from being made. What are you going to do? Ban strings and sticks?

    Guns? Pretty much that simple except we figured out how to replace the string with a controlled explosion for more impact. So his idea is that we're not only going to build smart guns that nobody can simplify, but we're somehow going to keep people from just rebuilding guns.

    THEN when ANYBODY attempts to point out to him the stupidity of this plan, HE MOCKS THEM!

    It would be like if he mocked someone who criticized his plan to feed the homeless with unicorn meat. (which makes about as much sense because apparently in his mind, guns are powered by magic - I'm sure any day he'll just ask us to install pixies in every one of them)

    That. THAT is how stupid every. one. of his gun posts are.

    AND THIS MAN IS TAKEN SERIOUSLY BY SOME PEOPLE! When he's nearly stark raving mad! "Catholics are smarter and wiser" my balls.

  2. I'm actually OK with any idea as long as it passes two tests:

    It can actually solve the problem

    And it doesn't create a worse problem, such as causing harm to law abiding gun owners.

    I'm willing to look at any solution. Because contrary to Mark's POV, people who question his ideas don't actually enjoy kicking up human slaughter. Nonetheless, Mark has clearly passed some point in the discussion. I mean, going to some radical atheist blog or fundamentalist site is no different than his. Those who are loyal to him, at least on his blog, are the same type loyal to that brand of fundamentalist/radical view, as it affirms their suspicion that they really are the righteous few and everyone else is stupid and/or evil. Especially the liberal readership who is frequently the base of his popularity.


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