Saturday, August 22, 2015

The problem with Conservatives

Is that they are, as often as not, merely yesterday's liberals.  So not quite two decades ago, Conservatives then were shocked at the defenses being made on behalf of Bill Clinton.  The defenders of Clinton, once the truth was known, were reduced to telling us that it didn't matter.  So what if he lied?  It was for sex   So what if he committed perjury in the high court?  It was for sex.  So what if he had an affair?  So what if he played the media, falsely accused his opponents, manipulated the American public?  Everyone does it anyway.  Plus, he gave us the greatest economy in the history of the universe.  What does it matter?  Do values, ethics, and character even matter?  No!

So what are Trump's defenders doing?  Conservatives defending Trump?  Why, sounding just like those who were defending Clinton all those years ago.  Who cares about Trump's background?  His recent past support of liberalism and Democrats?  His voting record?  His character and values?  Who cares period!  It doesn't matter.  He's taking on the press.  He's a rebel.  He speaks his mind.  He's got tons of money and is successful.  That, children, is all that matters.  Do values, ethics, and character even matter?  No!

The problem with Conservatives is that they are, as often as not, merely yesterday's liberals.


  1. ...Not quite Dave...

    I mean that's rather like someone saying "The problem with Christians is that they're all 'anti-government' but they follow every command and order by the pope!" Obviously that person doesn't quite get that there's a split in Christiandom and they are conflating two groups.

    Likewise, consider something like... this guy who says: The best evidence of that is the deranged ranting of Kevin Williamson at National Review with regards to Donald Trump. It’s like watching a robot whose CPU errors out and the robot goes berserk, smashing itself into walls. When it is a bunch of metal it is funny. When it is a human being having a nervous breakdown, it’s sad and pathetic. In this case it is emblematic. Conservative Inc. is cracking up over what’s happening outside the Acela corridor.

    Now of my little sample size, you've come up with an interesting measure. Those conservatives I've seen most unhappy with Trump, really didn't like Clinton either (I mean, just look at Jonah Goldberg), while some of the ones I've seen liking Trump, usually have had a very 'meh' feeling towards Clinton.

    Rotten Chestnuts lately has been doing a LOT of examining of this phenomena. It's interesting reading.

  2. Oh no, there are many conservatives who don't. But it's inevitable isn't it? After all, I would consider myself conservative, yet I indulge in things, like this or that, enjoy this pastime, that would have been anathema to conservatives of old. And I wish I could find it, but I happened to hear Rush Limbaugh defending Trump (and not being a fan of Clinton), and yet what he said was pretty much what the supporters of Clinton said that he was so critical of back in the day: who cares about the little things (his social views, his lifestyles, his honesty meter), the guy's a freaking success story! He can make us strong and powerful and successful! That's pretty much what they said: who cares about his character, we have to let him get back to the work of the people. And he is far from the only one.


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