Saturday, August 15, 2015

A reminder for all those liberal defenders of Planned Parenthood's alleged slaughter for profit operation

America's past as many defenders of Planned Parenthood
see it.  The irony is obvious. 
Remember Donald Sterling?  Yeah, him.  In order to keep racial tensions alive during Obama's presidency, the press has had to push some pretty shaky boundaries of ethical behavior to their limits.  So most media commentators admitted that a woman baiting an old man into a racist rant, then secretly recording him and releasing the recording to the paparazzi in order to destroy him, seemed kinda nasty.  Perhaps even wrong.  There were even some suggesting that this could be a serious threat to freedom of speech.  All of these objections were noted.

But here's the thing.  Almost every commentator at that time said ultimately it didn't matter; what really mattered was the man's allegedly racist tirade.  And we didn't even just focus on Sterling and what Sterling said.  Before we knew the facts, it was the very racism that defines America and makes such racism possible that should also be our focus.

Fair enough.  Now, we have a series of videos, admittedly obtained in sting-like circumstances, that allegedly show something so potentially horrible that it surpass almost anything liberals can dredge up in America's past.  It would't be so bad if such a terrifyingly, worse-than-Isis level of unbelievable human slaughter was uncovered and immediately condemned if true.  Then it would be bad that it happened, or perhaps that as a country we have come so far that such a thing could happen in our day and age.

But since a huge swath of our nation, our society, including celebrities, politicians, religious leaders, and the always reliable Propaganda Machine is actually defending what could turn out to be a house of baby-butchering-horrors-for-profit without waiting for facts, it shows just how close to the edge of Babylon we've come.  If we haven't already passed the line.

That should, following the Sterling Principle, be the focus.  But no.  Along with some reliable Catholics struggling to keep focus on the lying film makers, the media is all about saying 'not so fast, let's zero in on the videos and the way the videos were obtained!'  They're not even condemning Planned Parenthood.  At least that would be like only condemning Sterling but not trying to link it to racism in America in general.  

Instead, the media is discussing this in a sort of 'we have to cover it, sort of looks bad, but let's not forget the way the videos were obtained (unlike the Sterling Principle)....blah, blah, blah.'  And for a nation of lazy, stupid, drugged up, sexed up idiots, that will probably suffice.

I realize that in our post-modern, secularized age, consistency is a lot to ask.  But it would be nice if those who reminded us to keep our priorities with Sterling did the same now.  Assuming, of course, that they aren't actually keeping their priorities.  Which I hope, for the sake of the soul of our nation, they aren't.

Woe to the city of blood,
full of lies,
full of plunder,
never without victims!

                                                                                             Nahum 3.1

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