Sunday, August 30, 2015

Attention Gun Control Activists

First, show me an actual proposal that would prevent the actual shooting you are referencing.  Not just saying we need this, or more of that.  I want you to say 'this is exactly how that shooting happened, and this is exactly how we would prevent that shooting.'  Not just standing on the shooting to propose legislation that wouldn't have changed a thing.  If you want that, then don't use shootings that wouldn't be impacted.  If you are going to use a shooting, then tell me exactly what you propose and exactly how it would have prevented it.

Second, show me how it will prevent the shooting while also assuring me that innocent, law abiding citizens will not be hindered or put in harm's way.  If you aren't using the latest media focused shooting, then you can speak in more general terms, that's fine.  You still have to show me that it will actually solve the problem (which can, admittedly, be tough to say if we haven't tried it yet), and also assure me that the law abiding citizens won't be harmed. 

Other considerations are there of course.  I would appreciate it if we looked at the numbers, the demographics, who is doing the shootings, mental health, and other things like exactly who the number one killers of black Americans actually are.  Things like that would build goodwill and suggest that you actually want to end gun violence, and aren't just exploiting it to advance agendas and political control of our culture.  

Do those things, and I am open to talk.  Continue to avoid doing those things, and I see no reason to trust you or believe you care about anything but advancing preconceived agendas. 

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