Saturday, August 15, 2015

Japan to war victims

It's time to move on.  We can't blame future generations for past atrocities.  Mark that opinion well folks.  It's worth noting that most of the hatred, rage, anger and refusal to forgive over the atomic bombings comes not from Japan, but from Americans, Europeans, and others who pretty much hate and despise the US anyway.  Japan, perhaps out of a sense of reality, a sense of honor, or because it doesn't want to stir up too many old memories from others, seems pretty content with trying to learn actual lessons while letting bygones be bygones.  Lessons we can all use, but are only valuable if we learn them all, rather than cherry pick the ones that help advance this agenda or that ideology.

To that end, here is a little piece by a Catholic from a different view on VJ day, and how we've come so far and still don't know the extent to the carnage of those horrible dozen plus years.  With that in mind, I can't conceive of the actual joy and relief felt on that day.  All these years later, it's all just academic and a topic worth debating by a generation whose prime accomplishment is watching the civilization it inherited slowly sink into oblivion.

Almost ancient history at this point

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