Thursday, August 13, 2015

Carly Fiorina is the only women in the GOP field of candidates

The only woman.  I thought I'd mention it, since that is her official title.  At least according to the media.  She is the only woman, the only woman, the only woman.  Now the number of women in the Democrat's field of presidential contenders is, by comparison, one.  But that's different.  Which is why Hillary is never, ever referred to as the only woman in the Democrat field of candidates.   I know, it could be argued that because there are so many GOP candidates, her being the only woman necessitates it.  And perhaps if women  presidents were common, it might be unusual to see only one in a party's field of candidates.  But given that we can count on one hand the number of women on the national level tickets in our history, I don't see the reason to point it out every time her name is mentioned.  Oh wait.  Yeah I do.  Lest a major plank for the liberal propaganda machine be removed.  

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