Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Always remember that Liberalism hates the Western Tradition

And everything to do with it.  The Christian heritage.  Western Civilization.   Anything to do with the United States.  It hates - and I mean hates - these things.  These are the singular cause of all human suffering in the world.  Any other culture either did nothing that could objectively be called evil, or it learned its evils as a result of those things associated with the West.  And that includes the always beloved Communism, which while suffering from some unfortunate occurrences, only had such bad things happen because of - you guessed it - the West.

With that little acknowledgement, please read this editorial in Newsweek.  Yes, it's Newsweek, radical pseudo-Communist, secularist, anti-Western publication that doesn't worry about little things like truth and accuracy.  Knowing that, can you tell if the article is a parody? Or is it real.  One of the problems with the emergent Left is that you just never know if it's actually happening, or if it might just be a great, big joke we'll all laugh about in years to come.  Let's pray it's the second option.

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