Monday, October 31, 2011

Dumbest Halloween post of the day

So I'm reading this little bit by ABC news.  The usual 'water is wet' let's make a story where there isn't one approach to journalism.  And the usual gang of suspects jumps into the comments section to do everything from debate rationally to throw out idiocy and stupidity.  The best one I read?  It had to be this:
"All of the seasonal Holidays are pagan in origin. When the christian church was created by Constantine in the 2nd Century, it embraced these holiday dates and tied them into their own created holidays, such as Christmas, All Souls and All Saints Days. This was done to try to bring the Celts and other pagan communities into the church for the purpose of politically unifying Europe and the middle east into one empire under Constantine. The Pope was created as the spiritual/ political head, reporting to the Emporor and remained so until Henry VIII created his own church and spiritual head who reported to Henry."
Wow.  Where to begin.  Not that the Catholic Church was started by Constantine, but apparently the whole Christian church was started by him.  And of course all of those holidays Christians came up with were just mirroring pagan practices (as opposed to their own celebrations based on Jewish customs and celebrations in light of the Christ event).  That's an old one.  Wrong, but old.  And no, Constantine did not live in the 2nd century, just in case some of my more informed readers were thrown off by the timeline.  Nor did the Pope answer to the emperor until Henry VIII. 

When I read things like this on the Internet, I hope and pray that it's just some kid still in elementary school trying to act big.  But then, it makes me wonder what they are teaching in elementary schools. 

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