Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ohio University Students embrace the Glorious Censorship

Now the essence of the Glorious Censorship is that in all things sex, drugs and bathroom humor there should be unlimited freedom and liberty.  In everything else censorship, conformity, oppression and extermination of wrong-think. 

One of the driving engines behind this is the idea that we should be free to say and do anything we want ... as long as it doesn't offend anyone.  In this case, we're learning that Halloween costumes should not showcase 'racial stereotypes'.  Of course what they say are racist stereotypes could once have been culturally distinctive outfits*.  But for young people growing up in a nation that considers racism as the only evil in the world, and concludes that anything said about anyone non-American must be racist based (since America is always a racist nation doncha know), then obviously a girl dressed like a geisha, or a person dressed in Mexican garb, must only be a racist.

This, of course, despite the sad fact that racism, like religion, played a proportionately small part in the tens of millions butchered and slaughtered in the last century.  Fact is, most atrocities arose from the desire to punish and purge people over political, social, national, and economic philosophies and ideals, along with the usual greed and lust for power that has plagued mankind from the beginning.

In any event these are American college students, raised to believe America is ever and always a racist nation, everything it does is racism, and racism is the sole cause of suffering in the world.  So they embrace the logical conclusion of post-modern thanking: Censorship.  It's time to demand that we stop offending people.

Naturally, we all know that if we don't do anything that might offend someone, we'll end up doing nothing at all.  Realizing this, we will have to qualify this, if not officially, by simply saying we can't offend the important people.  Offending the bad or unimportant people is just fine.  Especially people who stand in the way of our right to sex, drugs, and more bathroom humor.  And that, kiddies, is where the oppression and terror of tomorrow is born as a new group of young'uns determine just who does have stars on their bellies, and who doesn't.

*By the way, this is all after I know some folks who went to a Halloween party the last weekend.  What were some of the costumes?  One was a Latin American dressed in 'stereotypical' dress (he based it on a costume worn in a restaurant he knew of back in Mexico), and a Catholic girl dressed up in a mocked-up nun outfit.  And? 

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