Monday, October 31, 2011

Congratulations Luke Fickell

And of course the rest of the Buckeyes.  What a win!  Giving back to Wisconsin a little dose of what they've given us the last few seasons, Ohio State finally did something worth celebrating.  Can there be any other sports program with more to overcome than the Buckeyes this year?  And poor Mr. Fickell.  What a season it's been.  But Saturday night was a night to celebrate, even if the rest of the season doesn't pan out. 

In one of the most exciting last 4 minutes of football I've seen in ages, reminiscent of the famous NFL Chargers-Dolphins match from decades past, Ohio State and Wisconsin battled it down to the wire.  And in plays not exactly on par with Ohio State standards, the Buckeyes pulled it through.

Not being a football guru, I'll leave the finer commentary to the experts.  But one thing I noticed?  Over the last years, especially since the disastrous National Championship against Florida, Ohio State had been losing its ability to overcome loss of momentum.  Jim Tressel, whom I still admire, seemed just as powerless to stop the changing winds and turn them back into our favor.  This was especially true in the 'Big' games.  All it took was one fumble, one interception, one explosive touchdown by the other team, and you could almost see the point in which Ohio State lost its momentum.

But last night, when the formula looked too familiar, when images of Nebraska were dancing in our heads, and the typical story line of 'Ohio States blows another lead' seemed inevitable, something happened.  Somehow the Buckeyes and Fickell were able to overcome Hall's dropped punt, and rally.  And rally in a way that almost made you forget you were watching Ohio State football.  At least in the last few seasons.

So congrats boys, you all did it.  What a game.

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