Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good to see

Looks like folks are beginning to stand up and defend Youcef Nadarkhani.  He's the fellow who has stood up to Iran and refused to deny his faith even if it means his death.  That's called being a martyr.  In this story, we see several in Western Christian communities starting to raise their voices.  It's dated from a rally on September 28, but still.  Nice to see Rick Warren getting into the act.   Several in Washington as well.  Still no word on Pope Benedict or the Vatican.  Supporters of the Church continue to assume, maintain, hope that this is due to secret behind the scenes meetings with Iran trying to free Pastor Nadarkhani.  I hope and pray that is the case.  In the meantime, prayers go out to him and his loved ones and all believers around the world falling to persecution and oppression for their faith.  I won't hold my breath for the ideologues and A-list celebrities who were so vocal during the Troy Davis hearings.

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