Monday, October 31, 2011

More historical dumbness courtesy of our enlightened age

So my eyes catch a story, again on ABC News, about a Halloween Costume that has sparked outrage.  It is an evacuee's costume being sold in Britain.  There wasn't a picture, but apparently it was supposed to bring back images of the British children who were famously evacuated from their homes during the Blitz. 

But read the story.  Read this part:
“All that’s missing is a yellow star,” Julia Rubin of the Styleite wrote. 
Any costume that’s even remotely related to the Holocaust sets off a nerve, but the Huffington Post reports that the costume is intended as a way to teach kids British history and is not specifically for Halloween. Evacuee Day is commemorated in primary schools and museums across England, marking the evacuation of millions of schoolchildren from Britain’s cities to escape German bombing attacks during WWII.
You get that?  It's a British costume about British kids doing something courageous in British history.  And the first thing you read?  BAM!  You can't mock the Holocaust!!

What the hell does it have to do with the Holocaust?  I know, I know.   The Nazis were evil and killed six million Jews in the Holocaust.  And America nuked Japan and rounded up Japanese citizens.  And thanks to Saving Private Ryan, we know that Americans did brave things on D-Day before going on killing sprees and gunning down defenseless Germans.  And that's about it.  Anything else in the 20th century?  Any real studies of the other tens of millions of humans who were butchered for any one of a thousand reasons?   Nope.  Just that.  You know it's bad when the Huffington Post has to stand up and attempt to bring some perspective.

So when our brilliant and educated elites see something like this, they obviously assume it must have something to do with the only subjects they've bothered to study or care about.  Again, despite all assurance to the contrary, I'm not 100% convinced that the Internet Age has made us smarter.

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