Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rest in peace Steve Jobs

By now I'm sure everyone knows that Steve Jobs has died. I can't imagine the world without the inventions of Steve Jobs.  It was Jobs, not Bill Gates, who was the archetypal success story of the new tech industry that so captured the imagination of a generation.  Beginning in a garage, he transformed the way the world would work forever.  For better or worse.  Nevertheless, in 1977 the idea of home computers still seemed to me more sci-fi than reality.  By the early 80s, as I entered high school, I began hearing and seeing more evidence that this new fad might be here to stay.  Sure, I was more focused on Atari and its Space Invaders cartridge.  But by my junior year, our school had two Apple IIs, and I was impressed by a fellow student, named Monty, who had his own computer at home.  I eventually got a Commodore 64, and honestly never had an Apple product.  Not until this decade that is.  But to say my life, like the life of anyone in the last 40 years, wasn't impacted by Steve Jobs is past unreal.  It was.  And now as the great equalizer brings him back to his Maker, I pray that eternal rest be granted unto him Lord.

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