Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Pope Francis follows the way of mainline Protestant denominations

That is, the Church teaches it - until the World says otherwise.  It's going to be a long, dark voyage for faithful Christians in the upcoming years.  After all, even as an Evangelical I appreciated that the Catholic Church was a rock against which the waves of the latest tended to break.  Thanks largely to Pope Francis, that reputation is quickly fading. 

The remnant will remain, but the winnowing is going to be staggering.   It will be from the ashes of whatever world emerges from our genius that people will start looking at the last century or so and conclude mistakes were made, and it's time to do a Josiah.  


  1. This is probably not as big a deal as the headline suggests. This has to do with more lay people voting in a synod of Bishops - a synod which itself does not establish or vote on Church policy. It doesn't mean it does not set a worrying precedent, but it's not the three-alarm fire some others suggest it is.

  2. This a fuller and better explainer of everything that happened.

    1. That's probably fair, but here's my concern. I've read several things recently about women priests, and all of them say it will never happen. But all then have something along the lines of 'unless' or 'until' or 'in all probability.' It makes me think of those college coaches who come to the microphones and insist they will never leave their programs to go to a higher paying professional sports career. And then within two years they're off to that higher paying professional sports career. I get whiffs of that happening here.

    2. I get that. I feel like Pope Francis has actually been pretty firm on this issue, and it is a matter of doctrine rather than practice. But I can see how the edifice can crumble little by little with subtle changes. Frankly, in this case, the bigger issue is really how much participation should there be for laity in general, regardless of sex, in a Synod of Bishops. As the explainer notes it has happened before so it's not completely new, and yet it seems to have taken it to new levels.

    3. Look, we have to understand something about this whole priestesses thing is that even if they allow such a thing it goes completely contrary to our Catholic teaching and we, the faithful, have NO obligation to accept a teaching that is a contradiction. Let them do it. It will reveal the chaff from the wheat. NO one can make us sin. If we accept priestesses then we are responsible for this sin. No one else. Let a bishop or a pope teach that abortion is no longer a sin and NO one is obligated to accept it. It is a mortal sin. Pray for these people but do not follow them.


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